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New Patient assessments. 
This includes taking your medical history,  a comprehensive foot assessment, agreeing a treatment plan and an initial treatment if appropriate. This includes a letter to your GP if required


Routine Treatment.
The provision of podiatric treatment including but not exclusive to callus, corns, verruca, thickened or ingrown toe nails.  This also includes foot care recommendations and foot care advice


Annual Diabetic Assessments.
A diabetic assessment as per NICE recommendations.  This includes a copy of the report for you to keep and a copy can be sent to your GP if required.  If this is completed as part of a routine treatment appointment, then it is £10 in addition to the routine treatment


Musculoskeletal Assessment.
A comprehensive assessment of foot posture and function to establish a likely diagnosis and the possible underlying causes of your pain.  This will also include management advice and treatment as appropriate

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